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Choose from a wide range of colors

Our kitchens, which we make from solid wood, are hand-painted in traditional English colors, this method is highly valued for luxury English Handmade kitchens, which we also manufacture.


The structure of the wood is beautifully visible, and the treatment after several years of use is completely simple since it is hand-painted, you just need to rub it with a brush where it is necessary, the color will adapt itself and create a uniform structure. The paint can be washed with clean water after it dries. Thanks to this simple care, your kitchen will still be like new. Which is also not easy with foiled or sprayed doors.


The interior of your kitchen

Since kitchens are made of solid wood, it is necessary to treat them from the inside as well. We use wax oils from OSMO for this. in England we used Danish Oil and used Morrells products.

By applying wax oil, the wood is protected, the structure of the wood is visible, and the treatment after several years of use is again completely simple (just rub it once every year or two with oil, then you will revive the wood).

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